Chris-GregoryChris Gregory


Chris Gregory is a director at Myrtle. He has more than 18 years of experience in leading strategic initiatives for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Chris has spent a large portion of his consulting career in the oil & gas, mining, consumer products and private equity industries.
He earned his bachelor’s degree from Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, and spent more than 10 years in operations with Sears, Roebuck & Company, where he was exposed to great “shop floor” leaders. Chris has worked as a project manager and operations leader in numerous consulting roles.

Strong program management skills have helped Chris deliver more than $200 million in sustainable benefits for his clients. His functional expertise resides in asset optimization, asset care and leadership development. He also has experience in process improvement, Lean manufacturing, management consulting and operational excellence, among other areas.

Additionally, Chris has participated in and led a number of large due diligence initiatives for prominent private equity firms. His extensive international experience includes implementations in South Africa, Europe, Canada and the U.K. Chris lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.